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About more than buildings

Exsos has more than 30 years of experience developing and investing in the senior sector of Europe.

Europe is facing a demographical problem. The population is decreasing while we all live longer. As a result of this, several countries will be facing enormous fiscal challenges in the years to come, which will cause constant changes.

Solutions across borders
The financing and responsibility of the senior care sector varies greatly from country to country. The political choices that define the senior care sector are deeply rooted in the culture of the individual country. The care system has become an integral part of national financial and labour market policies, bringing about a challenge to find a common ground that accommodates all populations.

Individually, the care systems of the countries provide elements that, in one way or the other, can add value to the other systems. Based on a study of the various care systems, Exsos exchanges ideas for tangible projects in and between the markets, determining which elements can be integrated successfully.

This is realised by combining the best possible solutions and implementing them in our projects, be that the development of care (operational) concepts or the development and construction of physical settings in the shape of activity or care homes.

The creation of value in Exsos – from idea to operation

We take responsibility for and accept control of the entire value chain, from needs analysis to construction and leasing of the facility.

This creates the best possible conditions for reaching our goals. At the same time, we ensure that the project fits the framework of the social systems and financial capacity of the individual country.

In collaboration with the operator, we focus on a thorough needs analysis, site requisitioning, identification of the operator as well as the development of operational concepts and calculations.

Furthermore, we take responsibility for the acquisition of financial means, the project planning, construction of the physical settings as well as the leasing of the constructed property.

Once the site has been secured and a constructional concept has been developed in collaboration with the operator we make use of external architects and technical consultants to assist us throughout the designing process. Together with our external partners we posses the knowledge needed to ensure efficiency throughout the entire construction process.

Once the project planning has come to an end, the projects will be offered as turnkey solutions. We wish to rely on the market forces to provide us with the best market price and lock down the construction price before start-up. Here we take no risks.

These conditions make it possible for us to hand over the keys to an 89 residents senior home project in just 20 months: 6 months for concept and project development and a construction time of just 14 months.

Exsos Immobilien - care facilities that feel like home

Our care homes are all organised in companies under Exsos Immobilien GmbH. Generally, they run on a 25-year lease contract. We put great emphasis on maintaining the excellent work relationship with the operator, which has been built during the development and construction of the facility.

As the professional partner of the operator, Exsos strives to ensure that the physical facilities remain attractive throughout the duration of the lease.

The story of Exsos

Exsos was founded in 1988 by the organisation “Landsforeningen af Forsogsledere i Danmark” (LFD), now called Lederforum, and the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs.

A change in the Danish Senior Politics of 1987, reducing the construction of traditional nursing homes to make way for the construction of individual senior homes and activity centres, brought about the foundation of Exsos. Senior citizens now paid their own food and rent, and any necessary nursing and care was financed through taxes.

The reform received international awareness and interest. Exsos had to procure orders for the Danish businesses, and in the coming years welcomed thousands of foreign visitors wanting an introduction to the Danish senior sector. The visitors spanned from ministers and officials to operational organisations, operators and institutional staff.

Exsos conveyed what was called Social System Export (hence the name EXport of SOcial Systems) with the intention of participating commercially via Danish professionals: architects, engineers, construction companies and care product suppliers. A wide network of contacts was built through the participation at international conferences, visiting groups and a widespread lecture and consulting activity (inside and outside of the EU), which soon started to pay off.

When the reunification transformed Germany in 1989, Exsos helped reform the entire care home structure to fit the Danish model.

In the beginning of the 1990’s Exsos began the development of projects in Germany.

Since then, Exsos has developed, constructed and furnished more than 25 care facilities. Several of these are model projects, inaugurated with the participation of the ruling Danish Social Minister or the President of the Danish Social Affairs Committee.

During a state visit to Germany, Danish Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, co-signed the first Exsos contract to construct two care homes in the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt.

Exsos has also established assistive technology centres in the Baltic States and the Czech Republic. Senior care centres have been developed in Ireland, Spain, Turkey and Norway in collaboration with local partners.

In 1996 the Executive Board conducted a management buy-out, and the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and LFD withdrew from Exsos.

Over the course of the next 10 years Exsos went from being a semi-public non-profit system export company to a privately owned company operated on business terms. It was no longer just about what Denmark could contribute to other countries, but also what other countries could contribute to Denmark and to each other. Exsos thus became the EXchange of SOcial Systems.

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