8 May 2018

A home with sunshine for life’s autumn

On 2 May, about six months after the foundation stone was laid, we celebrated the topping out ceremony with directors, construction workers and local politicians for our future nursing centre, Schanzehof, in Tiefenort.


The final nail was struck in the last roof beams by Exsos directors, Claus O. Nielsen and Flemming L. Christensen, chairman of Volkssolidarität Schmalkalden-Meiningen, Ernst Kranz, and Implenia Hochbau GmbH project manager, Jörg Stiller.

According to tradition, carpenter Thoralf Nothnagel then threw a glass of champagne from his spot atop the scaffolding where he recited a poem wishing builders, businessmen and future residents ‘a home with sunshine for life’s autumn’ and expressed his appreciation of the work of the craftsmen. The splinters will bring happiness to the residents and their carers!


When the beautifully ornamented wreath had been raised onto the roof, Exsos invited everyone to enjoy a spread of Bratwurst, Rostbrätl, champagne and beer.


Schanzehof will open its doors to residents and carers in the spring of 2019.